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Visual web scraper extracts data from any website.

We help people to Automate web scraping tasks, extract, process, and transform data from multiple pages at any scale.

Click to extract text, images, attributes with a point-and-click web scraper interface.

We visit web pages on your behalf, render Javascript-driven pages with headless Chrome in the cloud, return static HTML, and capture screenshots or save as PDF.


Dataflow Kit web scraping services.

Headless Chrome as a service.

We scrape dynamic web content using the Headless Chrome browser.

Render Javascript driven web pages in the cloud, return static HTML.

Point and click Web scraper.

Just point & click on a webpage to extract the data you want.

Dataflow Kit will guess similar data elements for you. No coding required.

Scrape SERP data.

Download search results (SERP data) from Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Yandex.

Extract organic results, ads, news, images with our SERP API from the popular search engines.

Web page to PDF Converter.

Save a web page to PDF online with a single click.

Send request including web page address and parameters to PDF API to convert web page to PDF.

Make web page Screenshot online.

Choose either full web page screenshot capture or take a partial screenshot of a web page with Dataflow Kit and highly customizable screenshot API.

Capture a web page screenshot online right in your application.

Web scrapers online.

Why use Dataflow Kit Services?

Headless Chrome as a service.

JavaScript Frameworks are used widely in most modern web applications. So it is not enough to only download an HTML. You should most like need to render JavaSctipt + HTML to static HTML before scraping a webpage content, save it as PDF, or capture a screenshot.

The most popular way nowadays is to use the Headless Chrome browser, which renders websites in the same way as a real browser would do it.

And Besides, Chrome is equipped with tools for saving HTML as PDF and generating screenshots from a web page.

We offer Service for rendering dynamic JavaScript driven web pages to static HTML in our cloud.

Global Proxy Network. IP rotation.

Nowadays, many popular websites, including Google and other search engines, provide different, personalized content depending on the user's IP address or GSM location.

Sometimes websites restrict access to users from other countries.

We offer Dataflow kit Proxies service to get around content download restrictions from specific websites or send requests through proxies to obtain country-specific versions of target websites.

Just specify the target country from 100+ supported global locations to send your web/ SERPs scraping API requests. Or select "country-any" to use random geo-targets.

Actions. Automation of manual workflows.

Of course, it is not enough in many cases to scrape web pages but to perform tasks with them.

Actions are useful for simulating real-world human interaction with the page. They are performed by scraper upon visiting a Web page helping you to be closer to desired data.

Here is the list of available actions:

"Input" action

Performs search queries, or fills forms.

"Click" action

Clicks on an element on a web page.

"Wait" action

Waits for the specific DOM elements you want to manipulate.

"Scroll" action

Automatically scrolls a page down to load more content.

Dataflow kit API.

Render JavaScript web pages, scrape web/ SERP data, create PDF, and capture screenshots right from your application.

Just send an API request specifying the desired web page and some parameters.

Easily integrate DFK API with your applications using your favorite framework or language including


It only takes a few minutes to start using our API at scale using code generators available. Generate a "ready-to-run" code for your preferred language in no time.

Output data formats.

Save scraped data to one of the data formats listed below.


Structured JSON is the industry's most advanced data format which is ready to integrate with your apps.

JSON Lines

JSON Lines format may be useful for storing vast volumes of data.
Read our article about JSON Lines format on Hackernoon.


Microsoft Excel is well-known spreadsheet software that is familiar to many users.


CSV is a simple human-readable data format that used for easy integration into existing tools or for spreadsheet analysis.


XML is a file format that both humans and machines could read. Tags in XML document define its data structure.

Data in the Cloud.

We use internally save scraped data into S3 compatible storage, giving you high availability and scalability. Store from a few records to a few hundred million, with the same low latency and high reliability.

Besides, you can upload your data directly to the following cloud storages:

Google Drive,
Microsoft Onedrive

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