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Note: A web page URL is required. All other parameters are optional.


Parameter Description
api_key API Key is used to authenticate with the API - You can find it in your Account Dashboard
URL The full URL address (including HTTP/HTTPS) of web page that you want to save as PDF
Proxy Select country to locate proxy to pass requests through to target web sites.
Orientation Paper orientation. Allowed values are Portrait or Landscape
Page size Select Page size parameter from the list of the most popular page formats.
Print background Print background graphics in the PDF. Defaults to false.
Page ranges Specify page ranges to convert, e.g., '1-4, 6, 10-12'. Defaults to the empty value, which means convert all pages.
Scale By default, PDF document content is generated according to the size and dimensions of the original web page content. Using Scale parameter you can specify a custom zoom factor from 0.1 to 5.0 of the webpage rendering. Defaults to 1.
  • "Default" option sets top, left, right, and bottom margins of the PDF to 0.4 inches.
  • "None" option sets all margins to zero.
  • "Custom" option allows to customize margin values.
Header and Footer Turn the header/footer on or off. They include the date, name of the web page, the page URL and how many pages the document you're printing.
Wait Delay Wait Delay parameter is used to specify a custom delay (in seconds) before generation of a PDF.
This may be useful if certain elements of the web site need to be rendered after initial page load. (e.g. CSS animations, JavaScript effects, etc.)
Initial cookies The "Initial Cookies" option is useful for crawling websites that require a login. The simplest solution to get an array of cookies for specific websites is to use a web browser and EditThisCookie extension. Copy a cookie array with EditThisCookie and paste it into the "Initial cookie" field.
Read the article on Passing cookies to a web scraper to crawl web sites requiring a login.
Actions Actions simulate real-world human interaction with pages. They can be used to automate manual workflows before a PDF conversion is performed.

Add Actions

  1. Add actions by clicking the Actions menu items above.
  2. Available action parameters will be highlighted in the rows of the table for your convenience.
  3. Then right-click or double-click an action line for help on the current action and its options.

"Webpage to PDF" API code generator.

Specify parameters to generate a "ready-to-run" code for your preferred language.

 Copy the snippet and give it a go! 

Save Web Page as PDFwhy use Dataflow Kit Converter?

Proxy. Geolocation.

Get converted PDF even from websites blocked in your area for some reason utilizing our worldwide proxies pool.

Send requests through a specified location to obtain country-specific versions of target websites.

Customize parameters.

In most cases, a web page URL only is required. All other parameters are optional.

But you can always tune PDF options such as page size and orientation, margins headers and footers, and much more to get customized PDF.

Run Actions.

Simulate real-world human interaction with the page.

  • For example, before saving a long web page to PDF, you may need to scroll it.
  • Another use-case of actions is to refine items in e-shop to get a filtered list of goods in resulted PDF.

Specifically, the following actions are available:

"Input" action,

"Click" action,

"Wait" action,

"Scroll" action

PDF Conversion API integration.

REST API is available on any platform: Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

It takes only a few minutes to set up parameters of PDF conversion and generate code for your desired language:

  • Go
  • Node
  • Python
  • PHP

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