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Pricing. Data extraction/ conversion services.

Requests to web pages for data extraction;
Requests to Google, Bing, Duckduckgo SERPs;
Size of input files for data conversion services

are measured in CREDITS.

Credit packages are one-time payments. You can buy some credits and use them whenever you like ("Pay As You Go").

If you regularly run scraping work, extract data from search engines, or need to run a task on occasion, a usage-based plan is a perfect fit for you. You always get what you expect.

Use the quantity slider on the right to scale the package according to your needs.



Cost:  US$ 0

US$ 0 per credit

*Taxes may apply for EU residents

How can I try out the service?

Once you sign-up, we grant you free 500 credits for evaluation and testing.

Prepaid packages.

Credit packages are prepaid, meaning when you sign-up, you purchase credits on the service in advance. As you run sessions, we periodically subtract your used credits from your prepaid credit package.

How many credits left?

You can follow your credits info on the top menu bar. Find more information about credit usage in the user dashboard.

Web / SERP data extraction.

Dataflow kit (DFK) counts the page credit on each successful (2xx) request. So the number of deducted credits is based on the number of requests you are sending.

Without proxy Using proxy
1 regular page successful request 1 credit 2 credits Regular pages are fetched "as is" using basic HTTP requests
1 javascript page successful request 2 credits 3 credits Real web browser (headless chrome) is used for rendering dynamic Javascript driven web pages.
1 SERP page successful request - 3 credits Headless chrome and proxy are always used for Search engine data requests.



Regular pages Javascript pages Regular pages Javascript pages
without proxy with proxy
I have 20 URLs in my task input, and those pages contain 50 items per page. So when the scraping job gets completed, there are around 1000 records in the output returned. How many page credits are deducted? 20 credits 40 credits 20 *2 = 40 credits 40 *3 = 60 credits
I have 20 original URLs in a queue, and each one has to paginate to crawl the next available pages. Let's say 5 more pages each page with 50 products on each page. So at the end of scraping, there are approximately 6000 output records. How many page credits are deducted? 20 + (20*5) = 120 credits 120 * 2 = 240 credits 120 * 2 = 240 credits 120 * 3 = 360 credits
I have a list of 100 product details URLs, and each page is consists of 40 fields like (product, name, URL, price, description) for each product. Let's say 4 of 100 pages failed with 4xx response. How many page credits are deducted in this case? 96 credits 96 * 2 = 192 credits 96 *2 = 192 credits 96 * 3 = 288 credits

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