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Capture website screenshots online.

Embed powerful Screenshot API, right in your application.

Convert URL to PDF / Dataflow kit

URL to screenshot as a service.

Clip Region
Parameter Description
api_key API Key is used to authenticate with the API - You can find it in your Account Dashboard
URL The full URL address (including HTTP/HTTPS) of web page that you want to create a screenshot
Proxy Select country to locate proxy to pass requests through to target web sites.
Clip Region
  • "Full Page" type is intended for capturing entire document canvas.
  • "Custom" type allows to setup additional parameters like Sizes, Offsets and Scale parameter, described below.
  • "Element" type is used to render screenshot containing the contents of chosen DOM selector (e.g. #wantedSelector). Enter a valid DOM selector to "Clip Selector" field.
Width Screenshot Width in pixels.
Height Screenshot Height in pixels.
X offset X offset in device independent pixels (dip).
Y offset Y offset in device independent pixels (dip).
Scale Image scale factor. defaults to 1
Clip Selector Valid DOM CSS selector (e.g. .validSelector) to make a screenshot of a given element only.
Format Image format. Allowed values are PNG or JPEG.
Quality Compression quality from range [10..100].(JPEG only)
Wait Delay Wait Delay parameter is used to specify a custom delay (in seconds) before making of a Screenshot.
This may be useful if certain elements of the web site need to be rendered after initial page load. (e.g. CSS animations, JavaScript effects, etc.)
Initial cookies The "Initial Cookies" option is useful for crawling websites that require a login. The simplest solution to get an array of cookies for specific websites is to use a web browser and EditThisCookie extension. Copy a cookie array with EditThisCookie and paste it into the "Initial cookie" field.
Read the article on Passing cookies to a web scraper to crawl web sites requiring a login.
Actions Actions simulate real-world human interaction with pages. They can be used to automate manual workflows before making a screenshot.

Add Actions

  1. Add actions by clicking the Actions menu items above.
  2. Available action parameters will be highlighted in the rows of the table for your convenience.
  3. Then right-click or double-click an action line for help on the current action and its options.

Screenshot capture API code generator.

Specify parameters to generate a "ready-to-run" code for your preferred language.

 Copy the snippet and give it a go! 

Why use DFK Screenshot Service.

Fetch a URL.

We faithfully render dynamic Javascript driven websites with Real Headless chrome browser in our cloud for capturing screenshots.

Specify Geolocation.

We provide different IP addresses in different countries so that you can choose which content to retrieve.

Optionally, use our proxy to access websites blocked in your area.

Customize parameters.

We offer a powerful and highly customizable website screenshot API.

All parameters are highly configurable. Set custom Clip Region or choose full-page screen capturing option, specify capturing delay, and more.

Run Actions.

We perform Actions that simulate real-world human interaction with the rendered page before making a screenshot. The following actions are available:

"Input" action,

"Click" action,

"Wait" action,

"Scroll" action

Embed DFK API into your application.

We provide code samples for accessing our API in many programming languages such as Go, Node.js, Python, PHP, and more.

Automate URL to Screenshot generation right in your application.

Save Screenshots to the Cloud.

We use S3 compatible storage, giving you high availability and scalability. Besides, you can upload your generated screenshots directly to

Google Drive,


Microsoft Onedrive

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