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Tweets scraping without Twitter's API.

Search for tweets from Dataflow Kit Search Tweets API.

Put in your query like "scraper tool" and get the list of results in a spreadsheet or JSON format.

Embed Search Tweets API, right in your application.

aliexpress scraper

Search for Twitter tweets.

Code generator for Search Tweets API.

Specify parameters to generate a "ready-to-run" code for your preferred language

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Parameter Description
api_key API Key is used to authenticate with the API - You can find it in your
Account Dashboard
Search for tweets Specify the query to search in Twitter.
Proxy Select country to locate proxy to pass requests through to target web sites.
Number of times to scroll down Specify the number of times to scroll down a search Tweets page.
Format Select format of output data.

How to extract tweets from twitter? Video Tutorial.

What you benefit from our Twitter scraper?

Official free Twitter REST APIs can be used by developers to access Twitter data, but these APIs have rate limits. Besides, the number of tweets received via the Twitter API is limited.

Dataflow Kit Search Tweets API is an unlimited alternative for searching and scraping Twitter tweets.

Enter the query you are looking for in the search edit box, and we will collect tweets containing a specific phrase for you.
Or generate a code for your preferred language. This way, you can directly send requests to the Search Tweets scraper API.

Extracting search results from Twitter is difficult. That deals with managing proxy servers and parsing of the continually changing markup of the search results.

We offer the infrastructure to process any number of requests to our Tweets Search API and return results in the most popular formats like JSON(Lines), CSV, Excel.

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