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Turn websites into useful data.

We help people to extract information from web sites with a visual point-and-click toolkit.

Just specify the target country for requests to route them via a worldwide proxy network.

Dataflow Kit Scraper

Data Extraction and Delivery Process.

how to scrape data. Open a page

Open a web page

Behind-The-Scenes, we use the Headless Chrome browser for rendering JavaScript-driven web pages correctly.

Click to select data.

Click elements on a page to specify extracting data.
Choose paginator type from either "Next link" or "Infinite scroll" or "Load more" button.
Follow links and detailed pages processing.
how to scrape data. Select Elements
how to scrape data. Save results

Download results

Launch crawler to follow links and extract the content from specified pages.
Select one of the available formats from CSV, Excel, JSON/ JSON Lines, or XML.
Download parsed data or save it directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft Onedrive.
Build your scraper
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What type of data web scraper extracts?

Price & Product Information

E-commerce merchants collect product information, including prices, reviews, and ratings from competitors’ retailer sites for further analysis. That gives retailers an excellent opportunity to attract new customers, increase sales, and go head-to-head against the competition.

Job & Hiring Data

Job board owners aggregate, monitor, and regularly refine a vast amount of job postings, company profiles, employee profiles connecting employers with job seekers. Mostly, job boards use this refined data on their website, keeping the links to original websites.

Travel agencies

Travel and hospitality companies gather hotel reviews, prices, customer sentiments from multiple travel portals and then, build business intelligence using this data.

Real Estate Data.

Real estate agents scrape details like property addresses, details, prices. Regular scraping helps real estate agencies to keep track of real estate listings or help them to create a database of properties available for sellers and agents.

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