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Web Scraping Craigslist data.

Extract all the data, including emails from Craigslist posts from all over the world.

Put in Craigslist URL and get the list of results in a spreadsheet or JSON format.

Automate scraping Craigslist the most popular sections with our scraping API to get the freshest data.

Craigslist Scraper

Collect data from Craigslist sections or search results.

Craigslist API code generator.

Specify parameters to generate a "ready-to-run" code for your preferred language

 Copy the snippet and give it a go! 
Parameter Description
api_key API Key is used to authenticate with the API - You can find it in your
Account Dashboard
URL Enter here an URL of section like
You can filter results in the search bar by using boolean operators (e.g. honda | toyota), minus signs (e.g. -Camry) to redact results, or quotation marks for exact terms (e.g. "Toyota Camry").
Proxy Select country to locate proxy to pass requests through to target web sites.
Number of Pages Specify number of pages to crawl.
Format Select format of output data.

Craigslist is one of the oldest and biggest classified advertisements websites on the Internet. Despite having passed its prime since the rise of web 2.0, many people still reference it.

We offer to scrape the following sections from Craigslist:

  • jobs,
  • housing,
  • for sale,
  • community,
  • services,
  • gigs,
  • resumes

Do you need to Scrape Craigslist?

Craigslist does a good job offering an API to posting your data in bulk on Craigslist. But on another side, they do everything to prevent you from downloading large amounts of data.

Craigslist has an RSS interface, so you don't need to scrape their listings from the first view. Just add the URL parameter format=rss, so like:

But actually, the RSS only gives you part of the posts (like the first few lines of each ad). It would be handy to go with just RSS, but this fact forced us to think about scraping Craigslist data.

Another challenge is to get email addresses of listings on Craigslist sections. They hide emails under the "reply" button. We automate click actions and extract these email addresses that look like '', from their listings.

How to scrape Craigslist?

Scraping search results from Craigslist is difficult. That deals with managing proxy servers and parsing of the continually changing markup of the search results.

For using our web scraper, you do not need to download any software or tools. Just put in the URL, and we will collect data for you. Or generate a code for your preferred language, then send requests to Craigslist API directly.

We offer the infrastructure to process any number of requests to Craigslist API and return results in the most popular formats like JSON(Lines), CSV, Excel.

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